Veteran’s Cemetery

Marine Corps Air Station El Toro was a huge part of Orange County and Irvine from 1942 to 1999. El Toro served as the primary base for Marine Corps west coast fighter squadrons from 1950 until its closure. Since 1999, veterans justly have fought for a cemetery for those that served during that time, and beyond. A consensus of stakeholders took years to come together to locate the cemetery at the ARDA site.

Kev lived in Washington, DC for 5 years, within 2.5 miles of Arlington National Cemetery, and was proud it was nearby. Irvine should find a way to work on financing with the county, state, and federal government to honor Orange County veterans right here in Irvine. Budgets are about priorities, and honoring our veterans in Orange County should and must be a top priority. As pledged in Kev’s ballot statement, he supports building the veterans cemetery, right away, at the original ARDA site.

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