Sustainable Development

Irvine is a globally-leading place to live, do business, and achieve higher learning. Irvine residents moved here due to its successful master planning, and they expect it to be maintained. The current City Council is out of touch with residents’ concerns, with aims only to protect special interest developments. It will take smart community representation to preserve and enhance Irvine and not continue unregulated development. Our beautiful city is the result of decades of proper planning and forward-thinking. Future development is bringing increasingly higher-density housing and office complexes. With traffic and congestion increasing and being the top concern for Irvine residents, it is clear we need to make sure the infrastructure, from schools to roads and other forms of transit are there for the community.

With the City of Irvine having a proud history of environmentally-friendly civic policy, including the first municipality to comprehensively ban CFCs to combat the ozone hole, we need to continue this legacy into the 21st century, with our municipality leading efforts to mitigate climate change via sustainable development and reducing carbon impact with mass transit.

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